Not every restaurant is ecig friendly but…

Not every restaurant is ecig friendly.  It’s a shame really.  There is no harm to others and only takes a few puffs to curb the craving.  No smell on the refillable ecig either.

I was at a spot with friends last weekend and didn’t want to step outside to have a cigarette so I pulled out my ecig and took a puff.  The waiter rushed over and told me that they didn’t allow any kind of smoking in the restaurant.  Didn’t want any problems so I excused my self to the bathroom and continued to smoke my ecig without any problems.

Sure its not the nicest place to have a few ecig puffs but its better than stepping outside in the rain!

Restraunts Allowing E Cigs

The number of restaurants allowing e cigs will vary.  Not everyone in the world is aware of e cigarettes.  Sometimes it doesn’t occur to people that you are smoking with an e cig because they look so much like the real thing.

Unless stated at the restaurant, reported on the Internet, the best way to find out if a place will let you smoke an e cig is to ask.  If you ask, you never offend any one and you never violent any of their rules.

The worst thing that someone can tell you is no and you go about smoking it just like you would with a real cigarette.

If its really cold outside, stormy, or raining hard and you absolutely need to take advantage of your e cig, go to the bathroom and close the stall door and smoke there.   No one will know cause the smoke that is emiited by the ecig does not smell like a cigarette.  E cigs never burn anything so there is no ash or tar.

You can also hold you e cig in a way that your entire hand covers your cig and take a puff on it without any one knowing it.  If any one does see you the color of the ends of the cigs that light up clearly lets people know that its not a regular cigarette.

Again, there is no official online list of where you can eat and smoke e cigs.  You can find out by word of mouth or as stated by patrons or by the restaurant itself.

Ecig Juice

If you are looking for ecig juice you probably have one of those old ecigs that requires you to buy ecig liquid so that you can refill your ecigarette to keep on smoking.

For those of you who are new to ecigs, there are two types of refillable ecigs.  The first and original type, required you to buy bottles of liquid that contained the nicotine solution.  These nicotine solutions where also referred to as ecig juice.

The second type of refillable ecig and the most current type are those that use cartomizers.  The cartomizer or cartridge contains nicotine and when you run out, you dispose them and use a new cartomizer.  They are considered refillable cause you can keep getting new ones.

But the cartomizers are able refillable as well.  You just need to buy the juice and pour the solution into your cartomizer after you do some basic mods to it.  We will show you how to do it in the days to come.


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